Turn the other cheek

Since I am not a fan of the Phat Ass its nice to find out whats new..going to have to demo this one for sure…


Turn the other cheek

Within SL there is a constant stream of new products to enhance our avi’s appearance. The latest of these is the Perfect Bum, brought to you from Gamer’s Inc. And yes that is me with a mesh butt.. though when I saw the size of the other ass alternatives out there I swore never would I wear one! I’ve been made to “eat my words” just as with my Lush breasts I have found an alternative that fits me perfectly.

As with other ass alternatives you wear an alpha and add the Perfect Bum, I reduced my belly size and body fat down to 0, this is often what’s required with other attachments so I wasn’t too surprised . But what surprised me was how seamless the silhouette is. In all of these pictures I have done no editting other than to crop it, I used Nam’s Optimal Skin and…

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