Another inworld store bites the dust… AVD Creations




Received this notecard yesterday and actually was shopping when the store disappeared. Its too bad more and more inwold stores are closing there doors.

“Good bye sales: As announced this morning, will close Inworld AVD not know when I’ll be back. I love my shop, I like to work, but I can not hold it; of course I will continue publishing in MP group and gifts will be sent. fail this week, there are items that have not been published and will not publish (gifts and exclusive items)Kisses and hugs!<3 Elisa􀀔”

Am I the only one who loves to shop inworld. I love my hunts and I enjoy collecting group gifts and looking at models actually wearing the clothes.  Well fortunately for me I was able to grab some great deals while she was still open. I will be sharing them here in hopes that some of you will enjoy and check out AVD on marketplace.

Opal is Wearing:

Skin – Drop Dead Gorgeous: Dani – Sunkissed Boho

Eyes- Poetic Colors: Moon – Irish Sea

Tattoo – B’fly: Music

Outfit – AVG : Bohemian Stylish IV

Shoes – N-Core Barefeet

Hair – Le Lutka : Canto in  Light Blonde


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