Dark Demon Night

 The Moon is full and the fog is thick.. time to let the underworld come to life……


 Spite is wearing……

Skin – Curves– Girl number 2 group gift.

Eyes- Poetic Colors – Clear Pond

Make up – Pumec vampire and Marina

Hair – Emo_tions – Darkland Version 1

Fitted Mesh Breasts- Cherry Bombs

Fitted Mesh Butt by Banned

Hands and Feet by Slink

Shoes by Fashionatic – Maura SLink Boot

Tattoo by Letis-_ Owl Sleeve

Piercings by Envi

Outfit –  Glitz – Malicious : I’m a demon Hunt







Coffee Tea or Daddy’s Girl?


Working at the Local Coffee Bar… “So what will you have hun?”

Hair Fair Addiction has taken over my life and lindens. I am loving how creative and imaginative some designers are getting. Putting some Fun in hair. though not all for me though I wish I could walk around with birds in my hair. I just don’t think it fits me. Here is some fun from Cheveux. The hair comes in all colors with HUD to change up the colors & bows or make them disappear.. 

waiting for Daddy222

Waiting for Daddy to Pick me Up from work

Olivia is Wearing

Skin – Al Vulo– Eleonor in Sunkissed

Eyes- Poetic Colors – Clear Pond

Hair – Cheveux@ hair fair F055 in Pink 04

Fitted Mesh Breasts- Cherry Bombs

Hands and Feet by Slink


Shoes- *TC* Tekila Candy *TC* – Summer Doll Heels 

Location:Image Essentials 


To Delicq or Not? (Upgrading to Fitted Mesh Breasts) Cherry bombs or Lolas?


If you have read my previous post I have been a Lola’s Tango Mesh Breast lover from day one. I am not into big melons just good size natural looking boobs. So naturally I jumped at buying the new fitted mesh breasts by Lola called Tango Delicq.  No Demo available so I dumped my Lindens blindly only to be disappointed. You be the judge. Same skins in these 2 posts Al Vulo but I tried numerous skins with the Delicq with the same result. Fitted Mesh can’t be edited like Mesh Breasts. They are edited by editing your body appearance like you did before mesh boobs.


OK Bottom line is what is best for you. And I am not getting any of these boobs for free. below is  are photos to  compare..  Good luck with your choice. 🙂

cherry bombs2




Above are Cherry Bombs. See complete Review of Cherry Bombs in my previous post.

Below are the Lola Delicq

 lolas tango delicq

Cherry Bombed and loving it!

olivia bikini_001

  First off let me say I have always been a HUGE Lola Tangos fan. I am a California Girl that isn’t into big silicone boobs and the Tangos seemed to be a good fit for me. That is until I bought the brand new Lola Tangos Delicq and was deeply disappointed. No demo available so yes I slapped down my lindens sight unseen. The fit just wasn’t right. the seams showed way too much. appliers didn’t look right sooo I tried a Cherry Bomb boob Demo and was pleasantly surprised on the natural look without a seam. Of course Men fancy themselves as Boob Experts so I showed off both and well I will say hands down my men LOVE the Cherry Bombs. The Natural Curve and bounce drives them nuts. So in the next few posts I will show you both and you decide which is best for you. First off The Cherry Bombs. Notice the natural ski slope curve. More natural that round boobs. The best thing is that they work with current Lola Appliers so no new worries about appliers.

olivia bikini_003

These Photos were taken on an Ultra Graphics setting the highest available. Most of the definition would not even be seen on High graphic settings.

olivia bikini_006

Skin – Al Vulo– Eleonor in Sunkissed

Eyes- Poetic Colors – Clear Pond


Hair – Magika – Calm in Blondes

Fitted Mesh Breasts- Cherry Bombs

Hands and Feet by Slink

Outfit –  VIsion Lingerie by S&F

Stockings – “Can Barely Breathe” by HolliPocket


Location:Image Essentials Beach


olivia bikini_009 olivia bikini_crop1

 Next Up Lola Tango Delicq same place same poses…………..