Bodies seem to be on Everyone’s mind.

So it seems the latest thing is the Mesh Body In Second Life. Lindens are even using them for there basic avatar though in my opinion they have a a lot to be desired. So I received a message to go try out “THE MESH PROJECT”  body free. Ok so I have nothing to lose so I did it. Here are my results and my review.


The Body itself is pretty amazing the more I wear it the more I love it.. I do love the boobs, cleavage, nipples and all. Very natural looking. I am kind of a nipple nut meaning they have to look realistic in my book.  the booty is cute too. BUT, That said the first thing to know is the only thing that is free is the body itself.  you may obtain one dress, on pair of shoes free as well.  Clothes to fit the free avatar are ONLY available from THE SHOPS and are 250L a piece. I bought a tank top and a pair of shorts.

addie.themeshproject_006_002 mesh project booty_001addie.themeshproject_003

The Ankles for me are still a problem for me. Your feet have to be set on 50 so they don’t look ridiculously fat but again not as nice as the Slink feet. And only one pair of pumps to fit. Flat and Mid feet are free but you have to pay for the High feet.

The Skin tones are very good and I was able to match pretty well with this Second Life avatar head with skin from the Skinnery found at The Arcarde


So after this I went onto marketplace to shop for clothes at the recommended boutique from The SHops Location. I purchased 500L worth of clothes only to find out that you have to have the Standard Body (cost 2500) or Deluxe body (cost 5000) to wear clothes not purchased directly from THE MESH PROJECT @ 250L a piece.

So if Lindens are not an issue for you and dropping 10,000 L for a body & head and then have to clothe with specific clothes Go for it. For me I am not sure. If I only hung out at nude beaches I think I would go for it but otherwise right now its not worth the money to upgrade. I love my slink shoes which I cannot wear with this body. I do not want to invest in a whole new wardrobe of limited items.  I will wait it out a bit longer. 


Mesh Body, Mesh hands & Mesh Feet: The Mesh Project Body (Beta) – Free

Skin: Marnie 12 in Toffee from The Skinnery@The Arcade

Eyelashes: Dammed

Piercings: HV– Aint (metal)

Jewelry: LouLou & Co. Crepusclule

Hair: Analog dog #42 in Light Brown

Photography done at Image Essentials


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