As much as I love October ( I am a Libra ) I am happy to let go of orange and black and all the costumes that seem to take over October for the feeling of FALL. November is the cusp of fall to winter. Crisp mornings to breathe deep and fall colors that please the eyes.. So had to jump in my airplane and fly to explore the event Sad November for something new and I found way too much.. here is just a part of it. Ready to Fly!!

spiteavatar vignette

Snapshotfront taox_003

spite.aviator_002taox tattoo.listen_003

Spite Is Wearing..

Skin –  Al Vulo : Salina Magical Raven Brow in Sunkissed  (from The Dressing Room)

Feet: Slink High  Hands: Slink Casual

Breasts: Cherry Bombs

Eyes- Poetic Colors – Clear Pond

Make up – Glamorize– Heavy Black Combo

Eyelashes: Curves – Vampire

Hair: Exile– Letters & Lipstick 

Top: Sex Me Up by IAF

Skirt: Boob-lish – Gogo in Black

MC Jacket Custom made by Rockalolly

 Boots: Calicifia for Slink High by Edenia

Helmet: Aviator Ace, Hellcat Red Container by RO@Sad November

Arm Tattoo by Letis: Owl Sleeve

Belly Tattoo by Taox:@Sad November 

Back Tattoo: Just Listen by Taox@Sad November

Piercings by Envi

Plane owned my Rich Benelli tyvm


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