Dea is here! Banned Mesh Body is Hot! UPDATE! NOW THE MARIA BODY

I am one of the few people that waited to get on the Phat Azz bandwagon and therefore lost out because it was pulled off the market. Therefore with few choices I bought a Banned Ass. I loved the shape but for a photographer with an eye for detail I notices a slight seam between my SL standard body and the ass. Therefore I wore alot of high waited pants and bodysuits.

The Current Mesh bodies out there did nothing for me cause I like to have some curves but the really big ones. In comes Dea, Banned newest addition to the Mesh Body Market. I love it. Love the but and how I can make my breasts larger without any problems. My only current dilemma is I can’t wear my favorite Cherry Bomb Breast with it. Cherry Bombs have a different shape and an amazing nipple So I hate to give them up but I probably will to keep the body on.

This body is not for the new avatar or someone that is intimidated by editing cause just like the banned ass there is some of that to do. Not all skins will work with it but most will with some adjustments. I will mention that there is alot of support if you want it. I needed help with my skin and got it immediately. It does work with the Omega Applier system which is an universal applier script so you don’t have to you tango and ass appliers. Omega also works with Belleza body and others. However I have yet to figure out how to get naked.. that is something i have to ask about. I feel like there still is alot to learn on using the Dea body and the Omega system together but I am willing to learn. Now the next hard thing is giving up all my old standard clothes. Time to clean the Closet.



Mesh Body: Banned – Dea UPDATE !!!!!BANNED IS GONE THIS BODY IS NOW: Maria by Isteni 

Skin –  Al Vulo : Salina Magical Raven Brow in Sunkissed  (from The Dressing Room)

Eyes- AG Stunning Eyes from SL F&O group gift

Make up – Glamorize– Heavy Black Combo

Eyelashes: Curves – Vampire

Hair: Little Bones -Hurt (gift)

Collar Real Evil: Chained Heart RLV

Eyebrow Piercing by Envi

Facial Piercing by HW: Mesh PC15

Ear Piercings: Skulls by Envi


2 thoughts on “Dea is here! Banned Mesh Body is Hot! UPDATE! NOW THE MARIA BODY

    • Hi Lyla,
      you have to make your own appliers for Al Vulo skins as she doesn’t provide them. I contacted the helpful people at Banned and the gave me detailed instructions with a notecard. you can visit them inworld at the Banned store or contact them by group. they are very supportive. Contact me inworld if you want me to send you a notecard. Good Luck! and thanks for reading S&S 🙂


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