Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad ! Tis the Season to say Thank You!!

Its been awhile since my last post. The last month has been a tough one for me. I seem to have caught every sick bug that was going around and ended up with really bad Bronchitis. Its taken awhile for me to get my strength back up. But I am better and ready to face the New Year. To say Thank you for reading my blog and sharing it with others. I am still independent at this time and will continue to write what I really think about designs in the future. Below are my models that help me and I showing off some wonderful Christmas Freebies and deals. Grab them quickly!. Enjoy! 


Merry Christmas! From the Left: Spite Riddick, Red Opal, Rhowyn Grimfalcon

FREE GROUP GIFT from MAAI : Christmas Vixen Gown

Red’s Dress Outfit – FlowerDreams Creations by Nile Karas: Annabelle Lee in Red

Spite’s Updo Hair by “”DIVA”” Nicole in Onyx

Rhowyn’s Updo by Truth : Allison in Ginger 04

See Previous post for Red’s info.




HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  from Olivia, Zora & Opal

ENVIOUS Always makes fun outfits for the holidays and the two that Olivia and Zora have on show that.

Olivia Has on Ice Cold with Lola Appliers. (Olivia and Opal both are wearing Cherry Bomb mesh breasts) 

Zora has on Winter Beauty from Envious as well. What I love about these outfits is that you can use them after the holidays too. just lose the antlers and boots..

Opal has on the Christmas Sweater from Pretty Liar in Pink.

The pack comes with 4 colors. At Cleavage where there Anniversary Sale is going on.  

Jeans and Boots are from Coveted (adult sim) as part of the Blue Angel outfit I got for 45L

Both Envious and Coveted have Omega Appliers which I love.


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