One Shape – Three Mesh Bodies, What A Difference!

Hello All. I have been AWOL for quite along time due to RL illness and being in a SL slump. I am human and sometimes SL just doesn’t seem as much fun but I think it has to do with RL as well. No matter what they seem to go hand in hand. When I feel good I enjoy SL alot more.

During that time I ventured out and bought another mesh body and concentrated on deleting inventory that I will no longer wear. Yes I am completely convinced that mesh bodies are the future at least for me. I took my inventory from 20K to 13k just by removing prim outfits and lola outfits that woouldn’t work. I have yet to remove all my alphas. I now own a Banned Dea body, Belleza Venus and Mairtreya Lara. I have never really cared for the Physique body though it may just be that everyone in my family has one. I was amazed at how my shape looked sooo different with each body.

That is why there is no ONE perfect body. Each one has a different shape so it really is a personal preference. For me I LOVE the shape of the Dea but then I love being more voluptuous. However the Maitreya Apha system is amazing. one click and you are naked. My husband prefers the Maitreya shape. To be honest after comparing I am not happy with the Belleza body at all. So judge for yourself and choose what works best for you. 

same shape_003

From Left. Belleza Venus, Maitreya Lara and on right Banned Dea


same shape_005


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