Vacationing In Second Life

Riddick Camping 5/2015

I haven’t blogged for over a week and I wanted to share where I have been. On vacation camping with my Second life family.

We had rules so it felt like RL camping meaning you could only log on and off at the campsite and you couldn’t go anywhere else for the entire week. Sounds crazy right? Well it turns out it was just what my sisters and I needed. Some down time in second life with quality time with each other. We had a wonderful campsite and Prim RIver National Forest Campground. The Sims there offer lots of great fun. Not only did we camp, we rode bicycles all over exploring the lodge, game room and playgrounds. We rode horses on trails, went swimming in a cave pool, rode a mechanical bull and did a zip line. The majority of our time however was fishing with the 7 seas equipment (which is quite addicting) and just talking. I had a wonderful time and am now much closer to my nieces and sisters than ever before. Reservations are much needed here at this popular place as when we were there all campsites were full but they did have some cabins available. I highly recommend the experience. Now back to reality. Here are some photos of my vacation. Serious blogging coming soon.

SLfishing_001fishing hat_003



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