Mesh Body Troubleshooting & FAQ’s

Mesh Body Glitches.. a great read.

Mesh Body Addicts


Using a Mesh Body can sometimes leaving you feeling like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole – and now you’re stranded in Wonderland! Well, I can relate to that, so below I’ve compiled some Frequently Asked Questions that land in my inbox, hopefully you’ll find a solution here! 🙂


1) What is Omega?

Omega appliers were created to be ‘universal appliers’, meaning, you could buy a clothing item with only one applier in it (omega), and know it would work on your body. This saves time for designers, because they only have to make one applier. This has worked very well, with most mesh body creators agreeing to make their bodies ‘omega compatible’, however two popular designers, Slink and The Mesh Project, have declined to do so. Other bodies, like Belleza, Maitreya, Eve, Lena, Banned, Perfect Body – are all Omega compatible.

So how do you use…

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