Addiction or Passion ?

Mesh Body Addiction Fair Opens tomorrow and it made me think of Addiction in general. An addict in my mind has always been drugs but as I age I realize that it comes in many forms. But then I am no expert. if you have been in SL for a year or more you are sure to know someone who is addicted to some kind of Virtual gaming whether its WOW or Second Life.  Then there are sex addicts and I think there might be a few of those in SL as well. But then is it passion or addiction. When it comes to Mesh Bodies I would say I have a passion for them. I own three different ones but not all. But then am I addicted to shopping for those bodies? Maybe.. I LOVE to Photograph Outfits I find in Second Life. Its very rewarding for me in a creative sense. So therefore I must Shop. I am addicted to Fairs, Events and sales where I can find great deals and new things. Lately I realized that I have missed something I did inworld for almost three years and that is dancing. Don’t think I am addicted but I do think I am passionate about it.  It gets in your blood. I am a natural born flirt and goofball so it just goes hand in hand with dancing. So here I put the two things together with a Hot outfit from the Mesh Body Addicts Fair and the New Club I will be dancing at. First waiting in the Green Room before I dance then dancing at :Naughty Nine’s Playboys Club::

rho.K-otic.meshbodyaddicts rho.meshaddicts_016 rho.meshaddicts_014


K-Otic Tease Bodysuit  in Darks (Red)@Mesh body addicts fair

Piercing is Madonna Heart by Punch

Leather  & Bead Watch is by Izzie’s @Wayward Carnival

Collar: Love by Muka

Shoes: Bucharest in Black by Essence@Mesh body addicts fair


Hair is Valerie  in Reds by DeLa

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara

Fitted Mesh Breasts: Cherry Bombs

Skin is Esode– Kate in Fawn

Lashes – Gaeline Mesh Lashes Felicia

Feet: Slink High  Hands:  Slink Casual

Dancing Photos at Naughty Nine’s Playboys Club::


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