We Love Roleplay

I am always on e fo the first people to check out We love Roleplay because I RP on a Medieval Sim. I have to wear long dresses and crowns since I am a princess and that has been a challenge in the past for a Maitreya body. Now more designers are stepping up and there is more to wear. This is from Glyph .. A name I am not familiar with but one I will check out in the future.  The corset is separate so it can be worn with or without.


 CATWA:  HEAD Catya Bento Head

 CATWA:  RIGGED EYES Catya v1.00

 Maitreya   Lara Mesh Body

Skin and Catwa Applier by Dulce Secrets


TRUTH HAIR  is Sugar in Ginger 

Dress is Morgana in Emerald by Glyph @WeloveRolePlay

L&E Bewitched magic rings silver (Vista Bento hands) 

Little Fish~ Ezili Lip Ring Set -Catya- 


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