I’m  a West Coast Girl who loves to Explore and Photograph in Second Life. When RL allows me to escape I enjoy Second Life. So much beauty for a Virtual World. Second Life lets you explore anything, anywhere with anyone..

Fashion Lover & Stylist. I thrive on finding a deal on great clothes and putting together the hottest outfits with the great hair, jewelry and shoes.. That along with Photography come together here.

I have no certain style as I can be found at Frank’s in a formal gown, in leather & chains, in shorts and sneakers shopping or nude sunbathing. I am a multi-faceted woman of many different tastes and love sharing it.

Joining me in this fun experience are my “sisters” Spite, Opal, and  Zora. They contribute or model for me on a regular basis.

Zora                                       Opal                                               Spite

zora in blue_lowkey003Kinkz by Sassz_005

heather  skulls_009 headshhot


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