The 2 sides of Rhowyn from Uber

So am I the kind gentle fairy or the the Dark Vampire that feeds upon innocent prey. The fact is I am both in SL but which one REALLY reflects me? I think we portray something we are not at times to protect ourselves.  The fact is I am different things to different people. I am for sure a kind gentle fairy when it comes to my daughter Sami. Thank goodness for a three year olds view.  I will always be that in her eyes. yet to some I may look evil at times. Here is my 2 sides.

As always full size versions are on my Flickr


 CATWA:  HEAD Catya Bento Head

 CATWA:  RIGGED EYES Catya v1.00

 Maitreya   Lara Mesh Body

Skin and Catwa Applier by Dulce Secrets


TRUTH HAIR  in Ginger Cheri@Uber & Zoe (fairy Up-do) is March VIP GIft 

Dress is Hot Love by JUNBUG@Uber

Sleeves and WIngs by Junbug (GACHA at Store)

L&E Bewitched magic rings silver (Vista Bento hands) 

Little Fish~ Ezili Lip Ring Set -Catya- 

Vampire Photo: Dark Queen Wings  by Glitzz

Crown by *S*S*S On Marketplace 


Scared Stiff! GACHAs!!

If you haven’t checked out the Freak SHow gacha yet hurry up and do so. Be prepared to go through those Lindens though. Its addictive. I had to check out the Tiny avatars by Mooh and get some Halloween clothes for work. So here is just a tiny bit of what I spend my Lindens on. As far as being scared there are a ton of Halloween fright places. The one I am at has a “the Shining” experience and Blair Witch project. So go explore and have fun.

Click on Photo for more Detail 🙂



Top:  In Pumpkin by HolliPocket@FREAK SHOW GACHA

Panties: What Does the ….Say In Pumkin by HolliPocket@FREAK SHOW GACHA

 Stockings:     WHat Does the …Say (Get Out) @FREAK SHOW GACHA              RARE

Shoes: Arthurium Heels by Glamistry

Wings: [QE] Drakaina WIngs/Spiked Bile@FREAK SHOW GACHA

Leather  & Bead Watch is by Izzie’s     NEW!!!!!

Braid Bracelet by  Izzie’s  

Necklace: RB by Rock Bunker

Piercings is Madonna Heart by Punch &   Peeka:  Sinners Facial Unisex

Belly Chain: Pomposity ANKH     RARE!


NEW!!!!!!!!!! Hair is Empty Gold  Hud 1 by  Magika

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara

Fitted Mesh Breasts- Cherry Bombs

Lashes – Gaeline Mesh Lashes Felicia

Feet: Slink High  Hands:  Slink Casual

Skin is Lumae– Jewel 5 in Amber Apricots

Lashes – Gaeline Mesh Lashes Felicia